Homeseed of Hope – Homestead Community Land Trust

Homeseed of Hope – Homestead Community Land Trust

In our community outreach effort for Homeseed of Hope, we are featuring Homestead Community Land Trust and the incredible work this non-profit organization is doing to address the housing affordability crisis in the Greater Seattle and King County area.  As this region has become a thriving tech sector, it has also become increasingly unaffordable for lower- and middle-income residents. In a city of Seattle housing affordability report published in 2018, data shows that the region has seen a 325% increase in the cost of housing while wages have only increased by 85% since 1997. Homestead Community Land Trust’s mission is to preserve and advance access to permanently affordable homeownership as a means to create thriving, equitable, and inclusive communities.

On October 29th, Homestead Community Land Trust is hosting a Halloween Trivia Night and members of the Homeseed Team will be sponsoring, fundraising, and joining in on the trivia games. We encourage you to learn more about the great work this non-profit is doing to serve marginalized populations across this region and consider donating to the Homeseed Team’s fundraising goal in the links below. Together we can further the impact of Homestead Community Land Trust!

Donate to the Homeseed Team’s fundraiser

Learn more about Homestead Community Land Trust

About Homeseed of Hope

Community reciprocity and reinvestment have long been goals of Homeseed since we first launched in June of 2016. In addition to providing a uniquely empowering mortgage lending experience, Homeseed wanted to use its platform to support the individuals, businesses, and programs in the communities we serve. That desire remains true today and led to us creating Homeseed of Hope – an initiative to guide our community outreach efforts.

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